My Healing Story


Tania Kelba has been a lover of movement all her life. She co-founded the dance company, “Three Left Feet” and dedicated her life to dancing, teaching, and sharing movement with
children all over Alberta. She took time off to raise her family, only to discover her mobility slipping away. As the pain increased, so did her frustration. After seeking many different healing modalities, she stumbled upon Spring Forest Qigong and has never looked back. Through her healing practice, the mobility came back better than before, the frustration disappeared, and Tania discovered a new lease on life. Because of this experience, she could not wait to share Spring Forest Qigong and Master Lin’s wisdom with as many people as possible. Tania has a passion for sharing qigong practices with people of all ages and she is especially excited about bringing Qigong to our youth. After working with her own children for many years, she has experienced the full benefits of SFQ. This amazing healing practice has helped with anxiety, learning disabilities, injuries and an overall sense of wellness within her own home.Tania Kelba is a SFQ Certified Practice Group Leader and a SFQ Certified Healer.