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Testimonial: "I can heartily recommend Tania Kelba as an instructor, facilitator of qigong. I have known her for her entire life. She is an empathetic, intuitive, dependable lady with a great sense of humor. Tania, with her skill and knowledge of qigong , helped me, personally, on my journey with cancer.  Every week Tania came, and through many hard times, including one involving ambulance, she kept me focused on wellness and peace within. I have seen her in group classes too and she has the magic to make all feel better.

If my cat, Lucy could type, she would attest to Tania's skill also. Lucy had breast cancer surgery and Tania calmed and worked on her too. Now,when she hears Tania's voice, she comes running from wherever, throws herself down on her back, paws in the air, eyes closed with a look of perfect peace on her face."

Jean Derbyshire (Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer Survivor)